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Guzzini & Fontana is a specialized company in production of closets and walk-in closets with its facilities on the coast of Abruzzo in the city of Roseto. It was created by two entrepreneurs with a long and strong experience in the furnishing industry.

Luca Guzzini is one of the heirs of the Guzzini family, famous in Italy for the production of design objects for domestic use. He was President of Teuco, part of Guzzini Group established in 1972 and soon to become leader in wellness industry for the production of multifunction shower boxes and bathtubs with whirlpool system.

Gary Fontana since 2000 with his company OC Industrial Shanghai has been a privileged partner for many leading Italian companies in the furniture industry who have chosen him to become a sole distributor in China and other Asian markets thanks to his knowledge of the internal dynamics of such markets.

Both the entrepreneurs after several excellent results in many of the most important World markets have decided to treasure their experience and join in a common venture. Since the very beginning Guzzini & Fontana through its brand GF INTERIORS qualified as a company with a strong vision on export, ready to distribute through its collection the great tradition of Italian Design.

From this vision they created the concept of Made with Love in Italy a concept with several meanings: passion in selecting material, excellent craftmanship, maximum care in details and high technical skill. So not only Made in Italy but Made with Love in Italy with those high standards of quality that worldwide customers expect from a unique Italian made product with a great value.

These are the reasons that allow Guzzini & Fontana to grow at exponential speed and expand its presence on each territory through new and important shop openings, like the 2020 Milan Flagship Store besides several others in other parts of the World.
GF Company is in constant evolution and has recently widened its range introducing besides the Night Collection a brand-new Day Collection with wall panels and internal doors.



Interiors & jazz

With Guzzini and Fontana the concept of closet is brought to a next level: a walk-in closet becomes a visual and tactile experience; great attention to aesthetics, which together with research projects lead to The functionality of the Guzzini and Fontana products, that are at the same time modern and sophisticated.
It is the first time with Guzzini & Fontana that technology enters the night zone with the scope of simplifying everyday gestures; choosing your outfit when you are ready for your make-up routine. All the interior collections of GF are inspired by a contemporary design without lacking the retro touch Brought up-to-date through the use of new materials and trendy forms.
So, the Guzzini & Fontana products Are a perfect combination of beauty in its form, functionality,
elegance and comfort; colors follow the evolution of fashion and style, with a new palette chosen every year.
The furniture signed by GF Interiors develops and evolves thanks to the fundamental contribution of workers that apply Italian craftsmanship to leather accessories as do famous Italian brands that produce bags and shoes.

In addition, the essence of the sartorial tradition is clearly perceived in the veneers made in book matching piece by piece, according to tradition dating back to ancient cabinet makers.
In fact, in the GF INTERIORS collections every door is coated on the outside with a book matching veneer sewn so as to respect the composition of the wood grain and direction thus making it homogeneous.

It is Jazz that inspires the whole catalogue: every collection, product, accessory takes its name from a musician, or a song.
For GF INTERIORS, jazz is freedom of expression that goes beyond the music sheet, just to get a unique performance, exactly like in our collections, experimenting “variations” in materials, shapes, and finishing, giving rhythm and sound to contemporary living.


FSC Certified

Guzzini & Fontana are very much aware of preserving the environment; therefore, Its production is limited to the usage ecological panels that are of recycled wood, thus reduced carbonic nitrate emissions without having to cut any new trees.
These materials, after having been cleaned are treated with a procedure that entails little energy consumption.
The result is eco-friendly, resistant in time, will not deform, and of great solidity.
Our company is also FSC certified, testifying that when solid wood is used it always derives from responsibly managed forests.
Finally, GF INTERIORS respects the environment also by using glass and aluminum, that are in fact infinitely recyclable materials.


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